Artmony is a design studio based in Bangkok whose multidisciplinary expertise in creating fresh visual works, distinctive brand identities, and engaging advertising materials for a complete plan of integrated marketing communication. We start developing every novel idea from the client's vision through our team's genuine understanding in each client's needs.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver a design that is compelling, yet symbolizes simplicity, value, and meaning to the client's business. Our relationship with clients are built upon friendly trust that Artmony acts more like a business partner who could reach the target audience with memorable communications.We believe in a power of creativity that is not limited to only aesthetics, but also could build and add value to the brand and business as a whole.

Allow us to get your imaginative ideas inspired and come to life. Connect with your clients and grow your business through Artmony's playful, attractive, engaging, and radical design works. Let the client love you as much as we love what we do. 

Governing Body

Nitipat Parin (Note)
Design Director

Our founder, Note, has two degrees of art in USA and UK. He is a typography maniac who is in a passionate relationship with art and graphic design. He is also a collector of vintage postcards, newspaper, and magazines from overseas. However, he is not at all a hoarder, but a perfectionism psycho who loves to arrange and tidy stuff, as well as his work, to make sure every single thing is in its right place and order. Apart from being a loyal fan of Apple, he loves to have Starbucks Coffee very much!

Parichat Ratchanakun (Bow)
Brand Strategy Director

Bow graduated her BA in Mass Communication and MBA in Marketing from UK. She continued her career path as a strategist at Standard Chartered Bank then working closely with many big firms as HR consultant. She is a passionate achiever in life, with leadership, time management, logical thinking & research skills. Apart from these professional fields, she performed Thai Lanna Puppet show while she was in the university. She plays sport, and got the love for food, fashion, kids, and pet. She believes that 1 year = 365 Opportunities. If you don't fight for what you want, don't cry for what you lost.

Core Members

We are a team of multi-skilled. We work together every day to create wonderful things for our clients, and we have fun doing it.

Nutcha Sakulkim (May)

Tangmay is a product design graduate from Silpakorn University. She continued her passion in design by contributing in a community product development project, in cooperation with local people across regions in Thailand. The project was aimed to improve design language of local products to be qualified to export to international market. Apart from the mindful social contribution, she is an optimistic person who possess self confidence and leadership skills. Tangmay's life motto is "to be the type of person you want to meet".

Chalida Anantasophon (Kaimook)

Khaimook has got background in architecture - industrial design. Besides being a graphic designer, she is an introvert girl whose imaginary world that she visualizes into drawing and water coloring work. Her favorite activities range from reading, listening to music, to cooking, and travelling. Her highlight project is water-color graphic design for fashion product, inspired by hill tribe. She believes that there is nothing to lose in life as long as we learn something from it.

Nopphakao Uamphamorn (Noei)
Design Coordinator

Noei has past experience from Commercial Art, Interior Design, Product Design, Photography Art and Computer Graphic. Her favorites work are line art design and any kind of Egyptian Art. In addition she likes latte art as she is coffee lover. Her principle is "You are in control of your destiny, only you can make your dreams come true"

We are Artmony

We work together for fun